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Xebio Arena Sendai

Purpose: Multi-purpose Arena
Location: 1-4-10, Asuto Nagamachi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Closest Stations: JR Nagamachi Station / Sendai Subway Nagamachi Station
Floor Space: Approx. 2,170 m2
Ceiling height: Approx. 20m
Flooring: Concrete
Total seats: 4,009
(1st Floor Movable Seats: 1,232, 2nd Floor Seats: 2,393, 3rd Floor Seats: 280, 3rd Floor VIP Seats: 104)

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What is the Xebio Arena?

“Asuto Nagamachi” is expected by residents of the surrounding area to drive attraction of business/facilities as a redevelopment district planned under the Urban Renaissance Agency, and also to support the area in becoming a new city center due to the presence of a large scale sports complex.

The Sendai Xebio Arena, a symbol of Asuto Nagamachi, is being constructed with the aim of contributing to both the vitalization of the sports and entertainment market, as well as the expansive cultural development of Sendai City and the Tohoku Region.

As the largest city in Tohoku and with ease of access, a variety of sports complexes, sports shops, and restaurants, we hope to turn this nationally unique sports town, Sendai, into the Sports entertainment Facility.

Moreover, the facility is replete with equipment for entertainment, including a “4 panel Hanging Center Display”, a very rare apparatus in Japan, and illumination equipment, as well as 12 VIP rooms for greeting important guests.

We are also moving forward with practical preparations of the arena for utilization as a multi-purpose facility. We hope that the increased user-traffic this produces will bring economic benefit to local shops, Sendai City, as well as the greater Tohoku Area.

We hope you will enjoy the new Xebio Arena Sendai!


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Address: 1-4-10, Asuto Nagamachi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture


Xebio Arena TEL:022-748-0877 MAIL:

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